Cuddyer agrees to sign with Rockies



The only Twin that has been with Ron Gardenhire in his 10-year term as manager has reportedly agreed to sign with the Colorado Rockies. 

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I just can’t believe this shit.


Also LOL at the Twins paying a better player 9 million dollars less than Cuddyer got. Three good moves in one offseason (plus I’m counting letting Cuddyer go as a fourth) is a miracle. 

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Dear Bill Smith:


in a perfect world

on the next episode of PTI or around the horn or first take or whatever, hell even just on twitter, this is how it would go:

Person, discussing the Red Sox: “Man that Josh Beckett is such a slacker gaining all that weight during the season. The man is a professional athlete and needs to keep his body in tip top shape and it is embarrassing what a slacker he is and his weight cost the Red Sox a playoff spot.”

Same person, discussing the Yankees offseason: “well, CC Sabathia is going to opt out. And he should because he could stand to make a bunch more money and the Yankees just HAVE to pay him because he is one of the best starters in baseball”


super brief playoff predictions

Before I make my official predictions, I’ll note that, to me, Texas and Philadelphia seem the two teams best suited for a World Series run, given the things that are important in the playoffs. That said, I’m going with this…


Phils over Cards in 3

Brewers over Dbacks in 4

Rays over Rangers in 5

Tigers over Yankees in 5


Brewers over Phils in 7

Tigers over Rays in 6


Tigers over Brewers in 5

My case for Milwaukee revolves around the fact that Philly’s offense is very beatable, and then it just comes down to hoping they can score enough runs vs. Lee and Halladay (not to mention Hamels and Oswalt.)

As for the Tigers, it’s pretty simple: Based on the way 2011 has gone it would only be right to have the Twins have a stranglehold on the AL Central, yet have 3 AL Central World Series teams in the past 7 years, none of which were the Twins.



fetch9 said: i call it the “i dont want the twins to overpay a mediocre outfielder” special.

lolol kay.

Because all he’s good for is being an outfielder, obviously. And it’s not like he brings any sort of leadership to the club or anything.

at some point it’s unfair to pick on people who don’t really know how to evaluate a baseball player and just like players because they are nice or whatever. Which is all well and good, and I don’t begrudge anyone for preferring to watch baseball that way. But the point needs to be made that when it leads to things like that last paragraph, I’ll just say it’s a good thing front offices don’t think that way. (though, given some of Bill Smith’s moves lately, he may. Sobs.)

Also, if you want to play that game, Cuddyer leadershipped the Twins to 99 losses.

(all that said, I will concede that if they want to bring him back for 2/14 or something in that range and platoon him, and play him at DH/RF, that wouldn’t be the worst thing. Though the far smarter idea would be to offer him arbitration and let someone else sign him and then take the draftpicks.)

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First the Marlins, now the Jays? Uni Watch has confirmed that the Blue Jays are taking it back to the old school (sort of) with a new logo for the 2012 season. Can’t wait to see the uni’s.

my transformation from Twins fandom to Blue Jays fandom gets even closer to completion

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Brotherly Love



This is what happens when you show up at Citizens Bank Park wearing a Jayson Werth shirt. A caring fan buys you a Hunter Pence shirt. Typical act of love from one Philadelphian to another. Best fans on Earth. (via Phillymag)

I love this so much. Go Phils, forever and ever.

and then they boo santa claus and a football player who just maybe broke his neck

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